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Hyper Ashley’s book review of Amaranthine

Published February 17, 2015 by mizner13

Today is the last day of my virtual book tour and my stop was Hyper Ashley’s book blog!

Here is a sample of her review.

“This was such an interesting book. Like I said I loved this take on zombies, you never really hear about the creator of the disease in books. Usually characters are just trying to survive but not The Great Decompose (Dee) he is searching for the cure. I really liked Dee, I don’t even care that he was the one responsible for creating the zombies in the first place. He was a strong and unique character.”

To read the full review, check out her website! Amaranthine is available now on Amazon kindle and paperback.


Books are love, book review of Amaranthine

Published February 15, 2015 by mizner13

Part of my virtual book tour, here’s another review, this one by Books are love

Here’s a sample:

“Overall this was a interesting and good book. I enjoyed the story and loved the fantastical aspects of it. Never knew Santa had so much power wow. Loved all the different types of characters and what they could do. I loved how the emperor changed his opinion of Dee and fought for him when he saw that Dee was good inside and was fighting for love.”

See the full blog tour at Sage’s Blog Tours

Donnie Darko Girl’s book review of “Amaranthine”

Published February 11, 2015 by mizner13

Part of my virtual book tour, another book blogger has reviewed my novel. This one has no spoilers. Here’s a sample from her review.

Amaranthine is a novel I believe will appeal to fans of any or all of the genres it includes. It gives a fresh take on zombies – they aren’t all like the zombies you’re used to – and I loved the space travel aspect of the novel. I haven’t seen a novel mixing these genres together before, and it’s a cleverly written mashup of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. And there are unicorns! Did I mention unicorns?!”

To see the whole review please visit her blog: Donnie Darko Girl